Casamari Abbey


Casamari Abbey In the territory of the municipality of Veroli, 9 km from the center, on Via Maria, - easily reachable also from the Frosinone-Sora highway - stands the [...]

Casamari Abbey2020-06-05T11:01:10-02:00

Anagni Cathedral


Anagni Cathedral The cathedral basilica of Santa Maria is the main religious site of Anagni, in the province of Frosinone. It is dedicated to Santa Maria Annunziata. It has [...]

Anagni Cathedral2020-06-05T06:02:49-02:00

Holy Stairs of Veroli


Holy Stairs of Veroli Tn the Christian tradition, the Holy Stairsis the staircase climbed by Jesusto reach the hall where he would have undergone the interrogation of Pontius Pilate before the crucifixion. [...]

Holy Stairs of Veroli2020-06-03T14:07:48-02:00
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